Mixed Zentai Bondage Wrestling
Silver VeVe vs Green Hanz
November 2014

Zentai Bondage Wrestling

Zentai Bondage Wrestling

Decked out in all-encasing zentai suits, VeVe and Hanz hit the mats for our very first fully competitive zentai bondage wrestling bout! Not only is bondage wrestling itself a challenge, but since zentai suits limit the wearers' senses of sight, touch, and hearing, as well as their breathing, this match is extra challenging.... and especially unpleasant for whoever ends up as the bound and gagged loser...

With VeVe in Silver and Hanz in Green, the shiny wrestlers lock up and hit the mats. They wrestle smoothly as they work their ropes and lasso each other, both eager for the win. The slipperiness of the zentai suits makes traction difficult, but it also lets the competitors slide gracefully over each other, accompanied by the swishing sound of nylon. After a back-and-forth scuffle, VeVe ruthlessly gains the upper hand, binding Hanz's ankles tightly. Groaning in pain, Hanz continues to fight, but VeVe wrestles him down and binds his arms behind his back with a debilitating shoulder harness. Hanz suffers and gasps in the harness, the ropes pressing tightly against the sides of his neck, as VeVe quickly binds his knees and then pulls him into a hogtie.

With Green Hanz nylon-encased and painfully hogtied, Silver VeVe poses on him in a variety of ways... before bringing in her ball gag. She forces the ball gag into his mouth, over his nylon face-covering, and locks it firmly in place. She then takes her time and enjoys another round of victory posing. Hanz suffers in silence, totally immobilized and paying the hard price of losing a zentai bondage match!

Total running time: 17 minutes
Suits worn the entire time. No speaking, aside from very rare incidental exclamations during match. Yes to groaning, grunts of pain, sounds of breathing and exertion vocalizations. Note: One index finger on Hanz's suit breaks a seam and his bare finger can be seen.

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

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Zentai Bondage Wrestling Zentai Bondage Wrestling Zentai Bondage Wrestling
Zentai Bondage Wrestling Zentai Bondage Wrestling Zentai Bondage Wrestling
Zentai Bondage Wrestling Zentai Bondage Wrestling Zentai Bondage Wrestling

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