Woman to Woman
VeVe Lane and Brigit Heart
January 2024

VeVe and Brigit Heart

VeVe and Brigit

The next episode in our "Woman to Woman" sensual strength challenge fantasy series features newcomer Brigit Heart!

In this scenario, "Club members" VeVe and Brigit have snuck out of work on their lunch breaks to "blow off some steam" with a secret tussle. They meet up in the private studio, both ladies eager to lock up and test themselves...

While still in their office attire and stiletto heels, the ladies circle each other before linking hands in a fingerlock test of strength. The first of several close-contact contests. They then move on to the clinch lock up, headlocks, and bearhugs. And then, as the ladies start heating up, they strip down to their bras, thong panties, and bare feet before continuing on -- into hairpulling and breast grabbing, throat grabbing, thigh scissoring, kneeling bearhugs, and then a catball.

The ladies fall to the ground with legs intertwined for the catball. With leg entangled, bodies pressed front-to-front, the ladies clutch each other and roll slowly, breathing heavily as their sensual excitement builds. At last, the ladies are both overwhelmed by sensuality of it all... and any stresses of the work day are long forgotten.

Sensual fantasy strength battle and wrestling. The ladies wear office attire and stilettos for the first 13 minutes. Then strip to bare feet, bras, and thong panties for the remainder. Catball portion is the final 10 minutes. Moody lighting. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 32 minutes

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