bella luxx
Bella Luxx

Woman to Woman Lesson, Vol 2
Bella Luxx, Lana Luxor, & VeVe Lane
January 2024

Woman to Woman Lesson

woman to woman

Lana Luxor and Bella Luxx are both intrigued, but very nervous, about the idea of challenging another woman in a wrestling match. The idea of testing their strength, stamina, and will against an evenly matched opponent is compelling... but where do they start?

VeVe agrees to teach them, and she leads them through the absolute basics like getting started with a fingerlock test of strength to more strategic insights -- how to challenge your opponent with a fearless and determined gaze, the importance of tight grips anywhere you can get them.

And soon, she reveals to them some more surprising facts -- it's not uncommon for a contest between two powerful women to heat up quickly. They mustn't feel alarmed or shy if it's necessary to remove their sports clothes and continue in nothing but their lingerie. Indeed, it will help them get a better "feel" for their opponent...

Under VeVe's guidance, the two ladies are quickly swept up in their battle. They squeeze and bearhug one another, pull hair, press and grind each other against the wall, and finally tumble to the ground.

The match continues with both contestants gasping, groaning, and very worked up. They test the strength of their legs, tangling them together catball style, and catching each other in headscissors, bodyscissors, figure-4's, and a thigh scissor contest. All their early reserve forgotten, they attack with chokes and breast grabs.

All the while, VeVe encourages them to push hard to the finish, until at last the match reaches a climactic and very satisfying end for everyone.

Sensual fantasy wrestling with voyeurism and instructional / encouragement elements. Lana and Bella begin in tank tops and leggings then strip to bras & panties. VeVe wears a bralette and sport shorts. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 21 minutes

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