Woman to Woman, Vol 8
Aralia and Ursa
November 2018

aralia and ursa

aralia and ursa

Petite Aralia and voluptuous Ursa feature in Volume 8 of our "Woman to Woman" series of sensual strength challenge fantasy episodes. Here's the scenario:

Conservative housewife Ursa is continually annoyed by the strange sounds coming from her artsy neighbor Aralia's house. Crashing, stomping, and... moaning...? Ursa is quite agitated (but also secretly curious), and so she goes over to Aralia's house to complain (and investigate). Aralia pleasantly greets grumpy Ursa, apologizes for the noises, and offers to show Ursa what's been going on... by showing her down to the basement... which is... a fully matted exercise room?

Aralia persuades Ursa to try the game she's been playing with her other lady-friends: a woman to woman challenge. Very good for calming the nerves. Despite her outward irritation, Ursa reluctantly agrees. And so, they begin...

The ladies start out with a handshake, which naturally evolves into a little test of grips. Impressed by Ursa's strength, Aralia coaxes her to continue. But, of course, explains Aralia, since such exertion does raise the body temperature, she instructs Ursa that they both must strip down to their bras and panties. Once in their underwear, the ladies move through several evenly-matched strength games: fingerlocks, headlocks and clinch locks-ups, bearhugs, and, finally wrestling. Keeping eye contact all throughout.

Despite her initial misgivings, Ursa falls further and further into the game... and she starts to feel an unexpected erotic charge from the body contact and muscle straining. The ladies breath heavily as they let the sensual vibe of the contest build. Aralia smiles seductively throughout, well experienced at the game and enjoying the moment. Meanwhile, Ursa finds herself getting swept away by the sensuality of the struggle... until, at last, she must finally give in...

Total running time: 21 minutes

Fantasy scenario. Gradually building sensuality. Both ladies start in street clothes (no shoes) and strip to bras and panties. Fingerlocks, headlocks, bearhug sections each about 4 minutes, wrestling about 6 minutes.

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aralia and ursa aralia and ursa aralia and ursa
aralia and ursa aralia and ursa aralia and ursa
aralia and ursa aralia and ursa aralia and ursa

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