VeVe Lane vs Ursa Fierce
Competitive Female Wrestling
January 2019

female wrestling

female wrestling

Promising up-and-coming BBW wrestler Ursa Fierce steps up for her biggest challenge yet: she dives in head first for a fully competitive 20-minute submission wrestling bout against local champion VeVe Lane, the "Petite Powerhouse." Ursa has been training for about a year, learning quickly, and getting tougher and stronger with each practice session. But facing off against 10-year wrestling veteran VeVe is going to be massively difficult. Ursa, however, is mentally prepared, and she plans to give it all she's got!

Ursa has an uphill battle ahead of her here -- VeVe is not only vastly more experienced, but she is also relentlessly aggressive, skilled in many different submission attacks, and great at using leverage to her advantage. Ursa fights hard to survive, putting in a full and vigorous effort, and proving quite expressive as she struggles to resist VeVe's offensive push and pinning pressure.

Despite the incredible difficulty of the challenge, Ursa stays tough all the way through and never stops trying! Two 10-minute rounds, 5-minute Punishment Round of the winner subjecting the loser to favorite holds. Includes pre- and post-match comments. All submission attacks permitted. Punishment Round includes: facesitting and headscissors, hand smother, rear triangle, other holds, taunting, and victory posing.

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs (163 cm and 57 kg)
Ursa: 5'5" and 235 lbs (165 cm and 107 kg)

Total video running time: 30 minutes

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veve vs ursa veve vs ursa veve vs ursa
veve vs ursa veve vs ursa veve vs ursa
veve vs ursa veve vs ursa veve vs ursa

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