VeVe Lane vs Rizzo: Rematch 2018
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
October 2018

mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

VeVe first wrestled Rizzo in a competitive match back in December 2016, nearly 2 years ago, when Rizzo was just starting out in wrestling (VeVe vs Rizzo: Dec 2016). Since then, Rizzo has been practicing, learning, and improving as a wrestler... He's been feeling good and ready, and he's pleased with his progress at wrestling practice. In fact, VeVe and Rizzo would occasionally run into each other at group practices, where they would have some brief wrestle-exchanges that helped to boost Rizzo's confidence and leave him feeling good about his chances against her.

Now, VeVe has been training and improving as well, but her level of competitive intensity is not something she shows very often during regular wrestling practice. And when these two step on the mats for their official rematch, Rizzo quickly discovers that VeVe in "practice" mode is nothing compared to VeVe in "official competitive match" mode...

It's a dynamic and very athletic match, with both competitors bringing their all against each other. VeVe comes in with intensity, poise, and confidence, constantly driving Rizzo to the ground and constantly attacking for submissions. Rizzo hangs in as best he can, fighting hard to get free and attempting attacks of his own when he gets his bearings. He's active and tough, but between VeVe's high intensity, mis-direction tricks, and submission hold array, he finds himself in a very difficult battle indeed!

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs
Rizzo: 5'5" and 130 lbs.

Submission Wrestling. Two 10-minute Rounds with a 5-minute Punishment Round for the (exhausted) loser. Includes opening and closing comments. Punishment Round includes: "python" back take and hand-over-mouth, banana split, forward & reverse facesitting, standing headscissors, camel clutch, teasing, victory posing.

Total running time: 31 minutes

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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