VeVe Lane, Female Session Wrestler
VeVe Lane
Orlandoe, Female Session Wrestler

VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
Competitive Female Wrestling
August 2010

VeVe vs Orlandoe
Doom Maidens newcomer Orlandoe has got some nerve! She challenges the club's current champion to a competitive bout. And, of course, VeVe Lane cannot resist a challenge.

Orlandoe had been training hard over the past few months, and now she wants to show what she's got. VeVe puts her to the test, and Orlandoe fights back with confidence.

Both ladies push the pace, increasing intensity as the match progresses and becomes incredibly sweaty. Smooth transitions, well-earned submissions, two very focused competitors.

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 120 lbs
Orlandoe: 5'5" and 130 lbs

A highly requested pairing. See how these two lightweights compare.

This match is three 5-minute rounds, for a total of 15 minutes of competitive female wrestling.
Most submissions wins.

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VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe: Competitive Female Wrestling
VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe
VeVe Lane vs Orlandoe

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Customer Review for this video:
VeVe Lane vs. Orlandoe… A Torrid Match

For all fans of competitive female wrestling, and especially VeVe Lane fans, the recent match between VeVe and Orlandoe could easily be classified as "required viewing." This struggle with the very talented Orlando is easily one of VeVe's best matches.

VeVe and Orlandoe are almost mirror images of the other. There are nearly equal in height and weight, both are well versed in applying and escaping wrestling holds, both possess the rare combination of physical strength and cat-like quickness, and both display a true competitive intensity. This result is a match that leaves the fan wanting more.

As with all of VeVe's matches, the pace starts out fast, and becomes even quicker as the struggle continues. The heat and humidity in this midsummer match must have been off the chart. Both wrestlers are quickly bathed in sweat and they move and slide easily on the slippery wrestling surface. No taunting, no threats, no conversation... the only sounds are grunts of exertion and labored breathing.

As VeVe fans, we can hope that this match was just the first in a series of matches between these two superb wrestlers. If you like VeVe, you will love this match with Orlandoe.

In a little over two weeks from now, VeVe will be winging her way across the Atlantic to compete in Monicas's Sept 11th Live Event.

Monica has lined up some great wrestlers for this exciting Event. I am hoping that VeVe will get the opportunity to face both Xana and Antscha on Monica's mats. These three great wrestlers are so close in height, weight and wrestling skills that their matches would be very competitive and exciting.

Submitted by Flynn. Aug 23, 2010

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