VeVe Lane vs Mr. Knight
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
June 2018

mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

Petite Powerhouse VeVe Lane takes on the buff-and-tough Mr. Enrique Knight for a fully competitive submission wrestling match on a hot and sweaty day in the mat room! Mr. Knight is a fit and muscular male model with an athletic background but no formal wrestling training. He's got a size and strength advantage against VeVe, but VeVe has quickness, agility, and an arsenal of tricks to see her through.

Two 10-minute wrestling rounds, with a 5-minute Punishment Round for the loser. It's an athletic and dynamic match, with both competitors pushing each other and grappling hard from start to finish. VeVe has been training diligently lately, and it surely shows here as she artfully uses her legs, arms, and well-placed body pressure to control, redirect, and continually threaten her larger opponent. Mr. Knight gives it his best effort, but when VeVe out-maneuvers him and expertly locks in her submission holds, even his best efforts (and his buff muscles) won't save him.

Punishment Round includes: Camel Clutch, feet-in-the-face, facesitting, headscissors, banana split, taunting, and victory posing.

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs.
Mr. Knight 5'10" and 190 lbs.

Total running time: 28 minutes
Includes opening comments.

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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