VeVe Lane, Female Session Wrestler
VeVe Lane

VeVe vs Gino
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
January 2013

VeVe Lane vs Gino

Newcomer Gino offers a VeVe a mixed wrestling challenge: pick on someone your own size!

Gino is an athlete who wrestled years ago back in school. And while he isn't as well-versed as VeVe on the mats, he has an impressive level of fitness. VeVe gladly accepts his challenge and is intrigued to wrestle a man who is within 5 lbs of her.

To make matters interesting, this match has special victory conditions: points can only be scored by facesit pins.

No submissions by joint locks or chokes. Scissors and triangles can be used to wear down, control, and sweep the opponent. Wrestle the opponent down, gain top control, and hold any sort of facesitting pin for as long as possible... or as long as you like.

VeVe proves to be quite good at this style!
After a sweaty and athletic tangle, VeVe emerges with a shutout by gaining all of the facesitting pins. She concludes by dropping Gino to the floor and striking a victory pose.

VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs
Gino: 5'3" and 125 lbs

Total running time: 22 minutes
Two 10-minute rounds, plus opening comments.
VeVe in tan pantyhose and black thong leotard.

High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps

Selected Screen Stills:
VeVe Lane vs Gino VeVe Lane vs Gino VeVe Lane vs Gino
VeVe Lane vs Gino VeVe Lane vs Gino VeVe Lane vs Gino
VeVe Lane vs Gino VeVe Lane vs Gino VeVe Lane vs Gino

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