Fiesty Feminista

VeVe Lane vs Fiesty Feminista
Competitive Female Wrestling
December 2021

veve vs fiesty feminista

veve vs fiesty feminista

A dynamic and competitive size mismatch! Petite and muscular VeVe takes on visiting amazonian powerhouse Fiesty Feminista in this very challenging submission wrestling bout!

Fiesty doesn't have much formal grappling training, but she is strong, powerful, and fearless, and she's been doing mixed wrestling for the past few years (so she knows her way around the mats!). Fiesty is aware of VeVe's reputation as a wrestler, and she's eager to put her petite opponent to the test. She comes in ready to give her all and to put her 100+ lb. size advantage to good use!

Both Fiesty and VeVe are aggressive, action-oriented wrestlers, and both are tenacious competitors. And so, they give each other a very difficult time in this match! Fiesty uses her superior size and strength very well, proving to be a considerable threat when she gets on top. VeVe has to fight her way out of many crushing situations, calculating her game plan as she goes and hunting tirelessly for a way to overcome Fiesty's physical might. A hard-fought match, indeed!

VeVe : 5'4" and 125 lbs. (163 cm and 56.7 kg)
Fiesty: 5'10" and 235 lbs (178 cm and 106.6 kg)

Both ladies wear thong leotards.

Match is four 5-minute rounds (20 minutes total). Submission wrestling.
5-minute Punishment Round for the loser, includes: headscissors, facesitting, taunting, and victory posing.
Video includes opening and closing comments.

Spoiler (highlight to see text):
..... VeVe wins with much difficulty .....

1080 Full HD.

Video Duration: 34 minutes

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veve vs fiesty veve vs fiesty veve vs fiesty
veve vs fiesty veve vs fiesty veve vs fiesty
veve vs fiesty veve vs fiesty veve vs fiesty

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