Little Rampage

Ursa Fierce vs Little Rampage
Competitive Female Wrestling
April 2019

ursa vs little rampage

ursa vs little rampage

A hard-fought, intense, suspenseful, evenly-matched, and physical-exertion-filled match-up! These ladies brought it on today! BBW wrestler Ursa Fierce takes on short, curvy, powerful visiting wrestler Little Rampage in this hotly-contested competitive submission wrestling bout.

Ursa has a considerable size advantage (almost 100 lbs), plus she's a fierce competitor and a tenaciously determined wrestler. Rampage is a feisty fireplug who is scrappy, strong, and explosively athletic. Both ladies are active and aggressive on the mats, and they collide head-on in this battle. They start out slowly, feeling each other out, but the intensity ramps up as both ladies soon discover that neither one is going down easily! They push each other throughout the entire match, working hard for any inch of advantage they can get. Dramatic and dynamic, a well-matched and effortful contest between two tough and curvaceous lady wrestlers.

But in the end, despite all of the hard work, only one can claim the victory. And she subjects her opponent to her Punishment Round of headscissors, gloating, and victory posing. Two 10-minute Rounds (regulation time), submission wrestling (no leglocks). Includes opening and closing comments. Whew!

Ursa: 5'5" and 235 lbs.
Rampage: 4'10" and 148 lbs.

Total video running time: 33 minutes

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female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

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