Tricks, Traps, & Betrayals: A Bondage Caper
Sarah Brooke, Jacquelyn Velvets, & VeVe Lane
August 2017

bondage caper

bondage caper

VeVe is a cold-hearted bounty hunter tracking down notorious criminal Sarah Brooke, but when she follows the trail to Sarah's hotel room all she finds is a mysterious blonde beauty, all tied up. Figuring the captive must be worth some reward money, she sets her free. But at that moment Sarah returns and the former prisoner turns on VeVe, helping Sarah overpower her. That was no damsel, but the boss lady herself, Jacquelyn Velvets, baiting VeVe into a wicked double-teaming trap!

From here the trouble's only beginning -- VeVe must try to escape and get her revenge, but the odds are against her. Or are they???

There's no honor among thieves, and the big bad boss seems to have a hidden submissive streak and a not-so-hidden crush on her captive. All manner of escaping, fighting & wrestling, capturing & re-capturing, and double-crossing ensues, until each lady has been stripped to her lingerie, tied up and gagged at least twice, and wrestled to submission at least once.

And when the dust finally settles, it's VeVe who emerges victorious with not one but two captive crooks in her ropes!

The ladies alternately wear tight black "bad girl" outfits and black bra & panties (monokini for Sarah Brooke). Bondage includes chair bondage, wrist & ankle ties, and crotch ropes. Gag styles are over-the-mouth with duct tape or white cloth.

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bondage caper bondage caper bondage caper
bondage caper bondage caper bondage caper

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