Jade Indica

Tie-Up Training Trick
Jade Indica and Howl
September 2015

jade indica

jade indica

In this fantasy bondage scenario, office secretary Rachel (played by Jade Indica) is tricked into participating in a bogus "emergency training exercise" by her co-worker Stewart (played by Howl). Stewart convinces Rachel to let him handcuff and hogtie her -- all part of the "training," of course -- but instead of showing her how to escape, he feels her up and then leaves her alone in the break room, bound, struggling, and indignant.

But while Stewart is away, Rachel makes her escape. And she's coming for him now. Armed with the ropes and handcuffs (and wearing only her pantyhose, thong, and bra), she jumps him in his office and wrestles him to the floor. In a turbulent tussle, the two scramble on the rug, each trying to handcuff the other. At last, Rachel seizes the upper hand with a rope around Stewart's throat, and she compels him into submission. She then handcuffs him and indulgently takes her time tying him further, taunting him, and tugging on his choker neck rope.

In a wicked and seductive dominant style (classic Jade Indica!), she gradually binds him into a hogtie and casually rubs her nylon-clad feet on his face. She finally unbinds his hogtie, laying him flat with limbs still bound, removes her pantyhose, and wraps them around his head as a blindfold and gag. She then sits astride him, pulling his neck rope, and welcoming him to his new existence as her slave...

Total running time: 32 minutes

Turn-the-Tables theme. All wrestling in Fantasy style. Jade wears skirt, blouse, pantyhose in 1st half of video (when tied), then wears only pantyhose, thong, bra in 2nd half (when dominating).

HD 1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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jade indica jade indica jade indica
jade indica jade indica jade indica
jade indica jade indica jade indica

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