Tied Up, Dressed Up 2
Indra and Thrash
March 2016



Once she heard about VeVe's "Tied Up, Dressed Up" video, Indra became so excited and inspired that she just HAD to try a bondage dress-up of her own! After all, not only does Indra love humiliating men, but she's thrilled by the idea of forcibly feminizing them, and she's SURE she can out-do VeVe at the task!

To wrestle a man into bondage and then dress him up all nice and pretty? A definite yes for Indra!

And so, we invited Thrash over to try his luck in bondage wrestling against Indra (not mentioning, of course, her dastardly motives). None the wiser, Thrash arrived ready to fight -- but completely unaware of the special collection of "props" Indra had hidden and waiting for him...

Feisty as ever, Indra rough-handles Thrash on the mats, unphased by his struggles and merrily intimidating him with her sassy trash talk. Intent on her plan, Indra gradually binds Thrash's arms over his head and cinches his knees together to keep him painfully immobilized. But it's far from over for him now. To Thrash's rope-bitten dismay, Indra reveals her hand-picked selection of dress up items -- a lacy corset and panties, stockings, a frilly petticoat, make-up, and wig -- all which will soon be on him!

With absolute delight, Indra proceeds to dress up her unhappily bound little dolly, adjusting his ropes as needed to keep him under control. And as she tires of his complaints, she stuffs a pair of pantyhose in his mouth. With his clothes finally in place, she switches his bindings to a proper hogtie, removes his gag, and takes her sweet time applying his make-up and wig. She then makes him look at himself in her compact mirror as she hovers close and verbally humiliates him. And at last, with Thrash thoroughly disgraced, she strikes a proud, smiling, and incredibly pleased victory pose! A perfect moment for Indra!

Total running time: 31 minutes

Indra wears black leotard and sheer black pantyhose.

HD 1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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