VeVe vs Robin
Tickle Wrestling and Punishment
May 2015

tickle wrestling

tickle wrestling

Super-ticklish wrestlers VeVe Lane and Robin FightBabe hit the mats for a tickle wrestling match. The objective: out-wrestle the opponent, trap her in holds, and tickle her into submission! The ladies may use any holds they can get, tickling each other as much as they can while wrestling, and tickling anywhere on the body (armpits, neck, belly, thighs, ribs), *except* the feet. And whoever submits first must then go on to face a lengthy tickle torture Punishment Round.

VeVe and Robin get right to rolling, both wrestling for control, wriggling their fingers, and shrieking, laughing, thrashing, and screaming as they suffer through each other's tickle attacks. The action is very back-and-forth as they lock each other up and tickle their way out of holds. VeVe finally manages to trap Robin inescapably, eventually tickling her until she taps out. But submitting only saved her for a brief moment... Now comes the punishment round!

For Robin's punishment, VeVe sits astride her (mount position) and delivers about 10 minutes of relentless tickle torture from that position. Robin takes her punishment like a champ, laughing, squealing, and gasping as VeVe playfully tickles her body, armpits, neck, sides and inner thighs. VeVe concludes with a school girl pin to tickle Robin's neck and face, followed then by a victory pose.

Total running time: 31 minutes

Tickle wrestling (mutual tickling) approx 19 min, Robin's tickle Punishment approx 11 min.
NO Foot Tickling.
HD 1280 x 720, 3.5 mbps.

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tickle wrestling tickle wrestling tickle wrestling
tickle wrestling tickle wrestling tickle wrestling
tickle wrestling tickle wrestling tickle wrestling

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