Goddess Talia
El Nino
El Nino

Exercising Her Dominance
Goddess Talia and El Nino
December 2023

Goddess Talia

Goddess Talia

Goddess Talia enters the fitness studio to find that the previous renter El Nino hasn't left yet. And when she explains that it's time for her to teach her Domme-ercise class, he only scoffs and says he's not finished doing his real workout.

Well! If he won't leave, he's just going to have to join her class, and Talia will make sure he gets his workout plus a hard lesson in respect and submission at the same time!

She challenges him to a contest, starting with a little wrestling, and in no time she has him so thoroughly overpowered with her headscissors, stretches, smothers, and choke holds, that he's following her every command. From strength-building exercises (push-ups while she sits on his back, giving her a horsey ride, sit-ups while she punches his abs) to "character-building" exercises (kissing her feet, calling her Goddess, kissing her biceps), Talia puts him through his paces.

But just because he's learned to behave, doesn't mean Talia's done punishing him for his initial rudeness -- it's just too much fun! So she alternates between preening, posing, and ordering him around and physically tormenting him with camel clutches, facesitting, more chokeholds, and even using him as her own piece of workout equipment -- to strengthen her scissors!

Finally, Talia announces to an exhausted El Nino that he's done so well, she's going to use him as her new demo bottom in classes... then she throws him down and strikes a smug victory pose.

Fantasy mixed wrestling and compelled exercise domination. Talia wears a black lingerie bodice with black wet look leggings and bare feet. 1080 Full HD.

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