Goddess Talia

The Syndicate Captures Spiderman!
Goddess Talia, Big Boss Blaze, VeVe Lane, and Frankie
November 2023

female supremacy syndicate

female supremacy syndicate

female supremacy syndicate

The world-dominating ladies of The Female Supremacy Syndicate have been capturing the world's superheroes and bending them to their will!

In previous episodes in our series, the ladies captured Superman (The Syndicate's Super Captive) and Batman ("Bat Slave for the Syndicate Zoo"). And now, they've captured Spiderman!

Featuring Goddess Talia, Big Boss Blaze, VeVe Lane, and Frankie. And following a similar storyline and format of the previous two episodes. But now with Spider-Frankie as the latest super-victim to be broken by these dastardly dominant women...

Scene 1: The ladies lead Spider-Frankie into their training room, keeping him leashed and making him crawl on hands and knees. His will is already nearly broken, and he a short step away from becoming their slave. They proceed to torment him with wrestling holds, one at a time, as they gradually hogtie him, taunt him, and tell him how helpless he is.

Scene 2: Spiderman attempts an escape, but the ladies easily stop him. They then punish him with more holds (often 3-on-1 holds) and taunts, interrogating him, and then fully breaking his will.

Scene 3: The ladies continue to explain to their captured hero just how helpless he is in their clutches. As they explain how is life will be as their slave, they tie him upright, with spreader bars at his wrists and ankles, using pink ropes tied in a mockery of spider webs. They ball gag him and savor their villainous victory.

- Each scene concludes with a victory pose from the ladies.
- Spider-Frankie is docile and quiet in all scenes.

In Scenes 1 & 2, The ladies wear leggings and sports bras with bare feet. In Scene 3, they wear leather or wet look pants, blouses, and high heels.
Frankie is in the Spiderman body suit the entire time. He never wears the mask. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 40 minutes

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