Sweetie Dreams

Sweetie Dreams vs Ursa
Competitive Female Wrestling
March 2017

bbw Wrestling

bbw Wrestling

Ursa called out Sweetie Dreams in her "Newcomer Interview" last month, challenging Sweetie to a competitive wrestling match. So, of course, Sweetie gladly answered the call. Now Ursa's in for it... The ladies are similar in weight, with Sweetie at 220 lbs and Ursa at 235 lbs, but they're rather different when it comes to wrestling experience. Sweetie's been wrestling regularly for about a year, taking on opponents of varying sizes and skill levels. She's a "veteran" compared to newcomer Ursa, who's wrestled for fun at parties, but who's yet to dive in for a full 20-minute long competitive submissions bout. Until today.

When the ladies hit the mats, Sweetie's experience edge becomes immediately clear as she puts the pressure on and presses the offensive throughout. Shocked, Ursa weathers the storm as best she can, fighting to resist Sweetie's crushing holds and body pressure, and pushing her endurance to the limit. And though Sweetie blasts through Ursa's defenses, out-maneuvers her, and locks her into submissions again and again, Ursa always gets back up and fights hard all the way through to the end. But Ursa had no idea her call out would result in a fight THIS tough!

After 20-minutes of wrestling, Sweetie emerges with a smashing and utterly decisive victory. And Ursa, despite being exhausted from such a hard-fought, impossibly uphill battle, must now suffer through Sweetie's celebratory 5-minute Punishment Round of "inventive" holds and final, absolutely glowing victory pose.

Sweetie 5'8" and 220 lbs.
Ursa: 5'5" and 235 lbs.

Total running time: 35 minutes

Includes opening and closing comments, 20-minute wrestling match, 5-min Punishment Round. Many submissions scored by winner in match, of a wide variety. 1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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bbw wrestling bbw wrestling bbw wrestling
bbw wrestling bbw wrestling bbw wrestling
bbw wrestling bbw wrestling bbw wrestling

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