Sweetie Dreams

Sweetie Dreams vs Lucrecia
Competitive Female Wrestling
May 2017

female wrestling

female wrestling

Sweetie Dreams faces off against physically-imposing Czech domina Madame Lucrecia for this fully competitive heavy-weight wrestling match. Lucrecia is an amazonian wrestler with 3 years of experience and an inclination for putting on the pinning pressure. Sweetie is still a relative newcomer on the scene, but she bravely steps up for the challenge. This match is for submissions and 10-count pins. Most submissions + pins wins. And the winner gets to deliver a Punishment Round of favorite holds to the loser.

It's a tough bout for Sweetie; Lucrecia not only has the experience advantage in her favor, but she has the size advantage as well. Lucrecia uses her weight well, punishing Sweetie with pins, body pressure, headlocks, and crushing holds. Sweetie tries her best to keep her bearings, wiggle free, and launch attacks where she can, but Lucrecia remains in control with almost-casual confidence.

Includes opening and closing comments. Two 10-minute rounds, plus 5-minute Punishment Round of winner performing her favorite holds on the loser, who must simply tolerate the indignity. Punishment Round includes headscissors, facesitting, some tickling, the full nelson body scissors, and victory posing.

Sweetie Dreams: 5'8" and 225 lbs.
Lucrecia: 6' and 240 lbs

Total running time: 35 minutes
Includes opening and closing interviews. Two 10-minute rounds. 5-Min Punishment.

*** Also available in a 2-match Set w/ "VeVe Lane vs Lucrecia," listed below.

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female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

Individual Match
Price: $13.99

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2-Match Set
1. Sweetie vs Lucrecia
2. VeVe Lane vs Lucrecia
Price: $19.99

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