VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane
Jade Indica

Superheroine Cosplay Battle
Jade Indica and VeVe Lane
August 2014

VeVe and Jade

VeVe and Jade

Get ready for another pro-style cosplay combat challenge! This time we find superheroine VeVe Canary facing off against the Wicked Schoolgirl Jade. The Schoolgirl plans to add the Canary to her collection of exotic pets, but our heroine is in no mood to play such games.

As the Wicked Schoolgirl rushes in for the attack, VeVe Canary uses her super-powered sonic scream to stun her opponent and take control. VeVe works Schoolgirl Jade over with a variety of holds, until the Schoolgirl comes to her senses and turns the tables. Jade enjoys a moment of control, forcing VeVe Canary into several painful holds, until the Canary once again uses her super powers to blast the opposition. VeVe regains the advantage and punishes Jade again. But the next time VeVe tries to call on her sonic powers, the Wicked Schoolgirl is ready...

The Canary takes a deep breath, but just as she's about to let loose, the Schoolgirl quickly hand smothers her and then gags her with shiny red tape. Jade wraps the tape around VeVe's head several times, effectively neutralizing her super powers! With her opponent silenced, the Wicked Schoolgirl seizes control. She forces VeVe down in a fingerlock contest and proceeds to torment her with hold after unanswered hold. VeVe's struggles are of no use, and she's finally subdued by the Schoolgirl's nasty chokehold. But that's not the worst of it...

When VeVe Canary revives, she discovers that she's been tape bound by the Schoolgirl! Her ankles are lashed together and secured to her thighs, her wrists are bound behind her back, and the smiling Jade is gleefully doubling up her tape gag. The Schoolgirl taunts and teases her new prize, delighting in VeVe's inability to save herself. After gloating in classic villainess style, Jade goes to find her henchmen, leaving our captive heroine alone to struggle uselessly.

Pro Hold Details: VeVe performs these holds on Jade: matchbook pin, Boston Crab, arm locks, facesitting pins, chokeholds, leg hook pin, lotus lock, leg spreader, camel clutch, single leg crab, backgrab. Jade performs these holds on VeVe: camel clutches and variations, surfboard, facesitting pins, grapevine, leg spreaders, modified Boston crab, chokeholds, and reverse matchbook pin.

Total running time: 23 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
VeVe wears tall black stiletto boots, fishnet tights over flesh-tone tights, black leotard, black fingerless gloves. Jade wears black high heel boots, schoolgirl mini-skirt, black panties, white shirt, grey loose tie, hair in pigtails.

Selected Screen Stills:
VeVe and Jade VeVe and Jade VeVe and Jade
VeVe and Jade VeVe and Jade VeVe and Jade
VeVe and Jade VeVe and Jade VeVe and Jade

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