Super Boston Crab Punishment
Evil VeVe Dominates Super Diablo
November 2020

super boston crab

Villainess Triumph! Evil VeVe is simply unstoppable in her krypto-leotard, and she gives us a new glimpse of her cruel power as she tests Super Diablo's flexibility in this Boston Crab barrage.

Weakened by the mere presence of the krypto-leotard, Super Diablo's super-strength level drops to zero. And so, right from their face off, the wily villainess can quickly stun our poor hero and immediately pull him into the first of several painful Boston Crab holds. Evil VeVe torments Super Diablo with Boston Crabs performed from a variety of angles (viewed from both sides, plus front and back, and also single-leg crabs). She taunts him and basks in her villainy, laughing as he cries out in agony.

The Man of Steel holds out as best he can, despite the back-bending punishment, but, at last, Evil VeVe bends him so far that he has no choice but to admit defeat. And with Super Diablo thoroughly humbled and at her feet, Evil VeVe enjoys a victory pose.

Pro-Style Domination featuring only Boston Crabs. Heel and jobber dynamic. VeVe wears green thong leotard (bare legs, bare feet). Diablo wears Superman attire (he also has a buzz-cut hair cut). ** Filmed with stationary camera on tripod.

Total running time: 6 minutes

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super boston crab super boston crab super boston crab
super boston crab super boston crab super boston crab
super boston crab super boston crab super boston crab

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