Alexis Luna

Sensual Vengeance
Alexis Luna and VeVe Lane
May 2024

Alexis Luna

Alexis Luna

Alexis Luna

Alexis Luna and VeVe Lane clash in a duel of family honor in this scenario inspired by the "Woman to Woman" series. And while Alexis comes seeking vengeance, she finds the physical vigor of this fierce battle gradually becomes a sensual delight...

After having learned that VeVe beat up one of Alexis's family members in a fight, Alexis tracks VeVe down in order to deliver some pay back. Of course, VeVe is perfectly confident that she can smash Alexis just as easily and that Alexis's dream of "vengeance" is utter nonsense. The ladies posture at each other, attempt to intimidate each other, and then... they lock up!

They clinch briefly before falling to the ground in a grapevine-ing catball while still in their street clothes. But after several minutes of struggle, they begin to appreciate each other's strength, and they agree to strip down to thong bikinis, to get a better look at what they're each up against.

They lock up again and hit the ground again, battling it out in open style -- with smothers, scissors, facesits, breast grabs, hair grabs, pinning pressure, catball-esque style, trash talking, and fierce intentions. As they pressure into each other, subconsciously grinding on each other, sensual tension continues to build... until subconscious grinding becomes intentional grinding... even as their animosity continues to flare...

And as the angry sensual energy climbs, Alexis seizes her opportunity! She works her way into a forward facesit, thoroughly pinning her rival down and grinding on her face. Alexis's vengeance is in sight, as her own excitement climbs and VeVe helplessly struggles beneath her. Intent on humiliating her opponent, Alexis rides the facesit until she is fully satisfied...

Vigorous Fantasy Wrestling. Similar in tone to the "Woman to Woman" series, but with angry undertones and varied wrestling moves. 1080 Full HD.

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