Sweetie Dreams

Sensual Strength Duel:
: Sweetie Dreams and Hanz
June 2019

mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

The next edition in our mixed "Sensual Strength Duel" series: Sweetie Dreams and Hanz Vanderkill, both well-matched in size, step on the mats for their version of this sexy, squeezing, sweaty strength battle.

Inspired by her recent impromptu battle with Ursa (Woman to Woman, Vol 9), Sweetie proposes the idea of a fun and intimate game to try while on a date with Hanz: a competition to see who can be in charge, a strength challenge. Intrigued, Hanz readily agrees. And so, with flirtatious looks in their eyes, Sweetie and Hanz lock up for a sensual strength duel!

Gasping, groaning, and straining with effort, flirty yet focused on the physical, both competitors are excited by the challenge. They start out with a fingerlock contest, then moving closer for the clinch lock-up and headlocks, then to bearhug squeezing, then a thigh squeezing bout (mutual thigh scissoring), and then to ground wrestling (catball and grapevining) as their excitement and sweatiness build. Sweetie and Hanz become especially vigorous once they hit the ground, as they roll, squeeze, and press into each other (with Sweetie showing her personal penchant for breast smothers and hand smothers, as well!). Breathing hard, their bodies and legs intertwined, they throw themselves into the physicality of the contest, both getting quite swept away.

... until Sweetie traps Hanz with a particularly enveloping breast smother, which proves too much for him and forces him to submit. Satisfied with her win, Sweetie school girl pins Hanz, smiles widely, and basks in the glow of it all. Both she and Hanz eagerly look forward to the next time -- a hot date, indeed!

Fantasy Strength Challenge / Sensual yet vigorous fantasy wrestling. They start out flirty and coy and then become fully swept up in the action. First half of video is standing challenges, second half is on the ground (wrestle/catball is approx 9 minutes long).

Total running time: 22 minutes

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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