The Enchantress Club Saga Continues!
Enchantress Sahrye vs Lana Luxor
October 2023

Sahrye & Lana

Sahrye & Lana

The Enchantress Club Saga continues!!

The Backstory: After losing control of her prestigious female fight club to smack-talking upstart Katarina, Enchantress Sahrye mustered her strength for a shot at revenge. In fact, Sahrye was so motivated to reclaim her club that she came back with twice the intensity and thoroughly thrashed Katarina in a rematch.

But highly decorated independent fighter Lana Luxor got word of the punishment Sahrye was dishing out the newcomer Katarina. Lana was appalled! And so, Lana sweeps in to challenge the Enchantress herself!

These two ladies are fierce and physical, and they pour their hearts into this fiery fight. They battle it out in classic Enchantress Club style -- with body scissors, head scissors, grapevines and reverse grapevines, smother attempts, pinning pressure, leg entanglements, and, of course, trash talking.

Sahrye and Lana are well matched, trading submission holds and making each other tap out (often quite desperately!). But Sahrye digs deep, amped up from her win over Katarina and determined to really exert her dominance as club leader. The Enchantress gradually pulls ahead... and when she adds facesits into the mix, she really makes Lana suffer.

At last, Sahrye parks her dominant butt on Lana's face and savors a prolonged reverse facesit pin, while Lana struggles underneath, simply unable to escape. Then, declaring herself the winner, Sahrye enjoys a victory pose, basking in the glory of her win as the rightfully reinstated champion of her exclusive Enchantress Club.

Vigorous fantasy wrestling. Both ladies wear thong bikinis and thigh high stockings (Sahrye in sheer black, Lana in fishnets). 1080 Full HD.

Full Video Duration: 23 minutes

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