VeVe Lane vs Sativa Mist
Female Bondage Wrestling
August 2018

bondage wrestling

bondage wrestling

Following their submission wrestling bout, VeVe offered visiting wrestler Sativa Mist a chance to try bondage wrestling! Sativa is an experienced, strong, and athletic wrestler, but when it comes to the art of bondage wrestling, she's quite a novice. However, she's a game competitor and is eager to try her luck against the Rope Wrestle Queen!

The ladies collide in an energetic exchange. VeVe works her rope-wrestle magic as quickly as possible, knowing full well that powerful Sativa may be tough to wrangle. Sativa finds it quite challenging to work the ropes and keep track of VeVe at the same time, and before she knows it, VeVe starts taking her limbs away...

VeVe expertly and sneakily weaves Sativa into an unexpected upper body tie to neutralize Sativa's attacking abilities, before moving into leg frog ties to cut down Sativa's mobility. Sativa tries to fight on, but she soon finds herself hogtied and fully immobilized! Sativa smiles in disbelief as VeVe takes her time and adds more ropes to artfully secure the tie. VeVe then playfully torments her captive with facesitting, teasing, feet on the face, and headscissoring. To conclude, VeVe gags Sativa with a white over-the-mouth gag, enjoys a victory pose, and then gives Sativa a chance to escape. But with a tie this effective, escape is not in the cards for our esteemed guest!

Total running time: 27 minutes

Includes opening and closing comments. Both ladies wear leotards. Final Tie: hogtie with frog tie legs and over-the-mouth gag.

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bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling

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