VeVe Lane vs Megan Jones
Female Bondage Wrestling
March 2016

bondage wrestling

bondage wrestling

Visiting wrestler Megan Jones steps up to face rope queen VeVe Lane in this size mismatch bondage wrestling bout! Buxom amazon Megan outweighs her petite opponent by 50-lbs, but little VeVe's not worried. In fact, VeVe looks forward to getting her revenge after Megan and Amazon Annie teamed up against her last time. But now, Megan squares off with VeVe 1-on-1 in the bondage arena, and that's a tough arrangement for any challenger... best of luck, Megan!

Despite her size advantage, Megan knows she has a rough road ahead of her here. But she gives it her all, nonetheless! VeVe comes on fast and furious, but Megan struggles hard, squirms, resists, and fights to tie VeVe as best she can. But VeVe works her rope wrestling bondage magic and spins Megan into a immobilizing arm bind. Megan kicks, squiggles, and laughs helplessly as VeVe playfully takes her time, adds more rope, and gradually works Megan into an intricate hogtie.

And as VeVe continues to bind Megan, she also harasses her with tickle torture... and Megan is very ticklish! VeVe eventually secures Megan with accentuating breast bondage, a crotch rope, and a ball gag, all while continuing the tickling. At last, VeVe concludes with her victory pose and then leaves her tightly bound subject on display. Vengeance achieved!

Total running time: 22 minutes

Final Tie: Hogtie w/ breast & crotch ropes, etc. Ball gag. Includes opening and candid closing comments.

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bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling

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