VeVe Lane vs Doolz
Mixed Bondage Wrestling
February 2019

bondage wrestling

bondage wrestling

Challenger Series: VeVe issued a call out for new male opponents to try their luck in bondage wrestling matches with her. This series is candid and features "regular" guys from our local area who are meeting VeVe for the first time.

The 3rd male opponent to step forward in VeVe's "Challenger Series" is a big mountain-of-a-man called Doolz. Weighing in at 265 lbs (at 5'10" tall), Doolz is VeVe's heaviest bondage wrestling opponent yet for a video match. But while Doolz is big, he is definitely not speedy or dexterous, and that lack of quickness will put him at the Rope Queen's mercy...

VeVe smoothly darts around her large male opponent, out-maneuvering him with ease until she finds the ties she wants. The two banter playfully as they go, but once VeVe gets a hobbling tie on Doolz, it's all over for him. She binds him neatly into a ball tie that leaves him utterly immobile and rope bitten. She then sits on him in a variety of ways: sitting on his face, making him into her armchair and resting her feet on his face, and perching on top of him. She also headscissors him and amuses herself with more feet-in-the-face. This bound torment cuts off Doolz's banter entirely, his pain tolerance sorely tested as he suffers VeVe's punishment. At last VeVe gags him with duct tape, shows off her work, and enjoys a victory pose.

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs.
Doolz: 5'10" and 265 lbs.

Other Info: VeVe wears a leotard with suntan shiny tights. Doolz wears t-shirt, shorts, socks. Includes opening and closing comments. Final Tie: Ball tie with duct tape gag. Light-hearted attitude, but tight bondage and casual physical meanness by VeVe.

Total video running time: 24 minutes

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bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling

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