Bondage Squash Match
VeVe vs Briella Jaden
August 2015

bondage wrestling

bondage wrestling

At FetCon 2015, fetish model Briella Jaden got to try her luck at bondage wrestling against expert rope-tie fighter VeVe Lane. In this lop-sided match up, VeVe not only has considerably more experience in wrestling and rope-tying, but she is also physically much stronger. Looks like we're headed for a squash match...

And, indeed, Briella doesn't even have a chance here! VeVe easily blasts through Briella's resistance, pinning her down, and sinking in an immediate crotch rope. VeVe stays totally composed as Briella attempts to launch her own attacks, but as Briella scrambles, VeVe skillfully frog ties each of her legs. Though now hobbled, Briella continues to squirm and struggle as VeVe whips her arms into a self-hug tie and binds them to her crotch rope (for an added dose of discomfort!). Briella thrashes and complains, much to VeVe's amusement, but she is definitely stuck!

Briella continues to shimmy and struggle, groan and gripe, but she's helpless as VeVe completely immobilizes her upper body... but leaves her frog-tied legs free to "run." With her prize well secured, VeVe subjects Briella to a little bout of tickle torture before duct tape gagging her and victory posing over her latest catch. She then leaves Briella to attempt an escape... if she can!

Briella: 5'6" and 115 lbs.
VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs.

Total running time: 20 minutes
Includes opening comments and candid closing comments.

Final Tie: Self-hug (arms crossed in front), legs frog tied, crotch rope, wrists to crotch rope, Duct Tape gag.
HD 1280 x 720, 3.5 mbps.

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bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling

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