Crazy Azy

VeVe Lane vs Crazy Azy
Female Bondage Wrestling
November 2014

Bondage Wrestling

Bondage Wrestling

VeVe returns from her travels to learn that Crazy Azy has been practicing her rope work and scoring victories on the mats. Quick to defend her rope-wrestling title, VeVe wastes no time issuing "upstart" Azy a challenge!

Though she faces a difficult mismatch, Azy dives in fearlessly and gets right to work with her ropes. The ladies tangle on the mats, matching each other knot-for-knot, binding each other with identical single-leg ties. They push the pace, each with one leg bound, grappling to see who will gain the next tie. As the ladies race for arm ties, VeVe hits her stride and deftly out-maneuvers Azy, locking her up with the dreaded Lotus Lock technique. VeVe binds Azy's elbows, painfully stretching her tight shoulders. Azy helplessly attempts to flop away, but VeVe jumps her, whipping on more ropes. Azy had a good run, but now she's done for!

With Azy painfully subdued, VeVe gets to work on her "rope artistry" to recreate a tie she discovered during her travels. As Azy protests in pain, VeVe manhandles her, binding her wrists behind her back with a shoulder harness, her chest to her knees, and her feet to her thighs - a ball tie with arms behind the back. Azy has never ever been tied so tightly or uncomfortably before... but to make matters even worse, VeVe tops it off with a ball gag! VeVe ties a rope bow in Azy's hair, harassing her further with a little foot-tickling, taunting, and toe-tying. VeVe savors her win with a victory pose before leaving Azy to squirm, whine, and wiggle in an utterly useless attempt to escape!

Total running time: 22 minutes
Includes opening comments and candid post-match remarks.

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Final Tie: Ball Tie with hands behind back. BALL GAG!

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Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling
Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling
Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling

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