VeVe Lane vs Aralia
Female Bondage Wrestling
January 2019



VeVe sets out to rope-wrangle ferocious little Aralia! But Aralia, despite her petite size, is one heck of a furious fighter. In fact, VeVe later described this experience as fighting against "a storm of blades"!

Aralia has a special "thing" for bondage wrestling -- she wants to tie and win SO badly that she brings utter fury to the fight. And it's this utter fury that Rope Queen VeVe Lane must contend against. VeVe outweighs Aralia by 10 lbs (4.5 kg), VeVe is stronger and more muscular, and she has much more rope experience... yet, despite all that, Aralia still proves to be a remarkably difficult opponent...

But VeVe amazingly manages to keeps her focus amidst Aralia's fierce struggles and attacks. VeVe fends off flailing limbs, grits her teeth against Aralia's biting rope loops, and wrestles hard for control of her scrappy opponent. In an impressive display of mental fortitude and multi-tasking skill, VeVe eventually manages to catch Aralia's arms in a tight no-nonsense shoulder-locking tie to clip this fiery pixie's wings. Whew, that was not easy!

Keeping Aralia under control, VeVe goes on to continue adding ropes and adjusting her ties, pulling Aralia at last into a Box Tie style hogtie. And since Aralia was such a pain in the ass, VeVe gives her a nice tight crotch rope, too. Aralia is indignant, protest-y, and playfully annoyed to be so bound, but VeVe "consoles" her with a little tickle torture, hand smothering, and headscissoring... before topping off the bondage with a nice blue ballgag. Aralia suffers in indignation as VeVe victory poses on her and then utterly fails at making an escape attempt!

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs.
Aralia: 5'4" and 115 lbs.

Total running time: 31 minutes

Final Tie: Box Tie Hogtie w/ crotch rope and ball gag

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bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling

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