Robin Dominates Nikolai
Mixed Wrestling Domination
March 2017

Mixed Wrestling

Mixed Wrestling

Nikolai finds himself with an opportunity to meet the illustrious "Fight Babe" Robin when she pays a visit to New York City. When Robin arrives, Nikolai is astonished that she's chosen to wrestle him wearing black pantyhose and leather. But Robin is cool, confident, and amused by Niko's skepticism. Smiling coyly, she locks up with him on the mats, and, before he knows what's happening, she's in total control...

Robin manhandles Nikolai on the mats, shrugging off his struggles and dominating him in elegant, leggy style. She out maneuvers him, wrapping her legs around his head and body, and wearing him down with a variety of tight headscissors. Nikolai's resistance and annoyed grumbling are of no use, as Robin, ever calm and composed, teases him and further torments him with Figure-4 headscissors, facesits, displays of her flexibility, and a particularly humiliating roll-up pin.

After making him tap out multiple times, Robin exhausts Nikolai down completely. But she won't let him off lightly even then. With Nikolai totally spent, Robin wraps him in a final, prolonged headscissor and forces him to call her a goddess. Now quite satisfied, she poses over him in victory and leaves him to dwell on the experience.

Total running time: 23 minutes

Fantasy Domination Wrestling. Natural light (sunlight through window). Hotel room setting. A candid, session-like vibe. Robin wears black pantyhose with leather thong and top.
1280x720, 4 mbps

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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