Rachel DD
Rachel DD
Toned Tommi
Toned Tommi

Rachel DD vs Toned Tommi
"The Destruction of Wonder Rachel"
December 2014

Rachel DD

Rachel DD

In an incredibly unfair mismatch, Rachel DD is pitted against bigger, stronger, expert fighter Toned Tommi.

The ladies agree to a superheroine theme for this competitive submission wrestling battle with Tommi decked out as Black Canary and Rachel suited up in Wonder Woman style. As the ladies size each other up during their opening interviews, Tommi is cocky and pleasantly wicked. Rachel is earnest and humble, yet she faces up to the impossible odds as bravely as a true heroine. Then after a stare-down, the devastation begins...

Ever feisty, Rachel tries her hardest, but even her best efforts don't even make a dent. Tommi is merely amused. Cool and always in control, Tommi effortlessly redirects her foe, manhandling Rachel on the mats, pinning her and locking her in submission holds with ease.

Despite her heroic costume, Tommi flaunts a villainous streak, mocking, patronizing, and playfully harassing her hopelessly outclassed opponent. Frustrated and disheveled, Rachel pours all her energy into defense, but it's simply useless - she can't do a thing to save herself or her dignity. Tommi completely dominates, gaining multiple submissions, and she celebrates her destruction of "Wonder Rachel" with an over-the-shoulder lift victory pose.

Running time: 25 minutes
(includes opening interview)

Intended as competitive but turns out absolutely one-sided. Tommi wears black thong leotard, fishnet tights over flesh-tone ultra shimmer tights. Rachel wears WW outfit with flesh-tone ultra shimmer tights.

sDisplay 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps. 30 fps

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Rachel DD Rachel DD Rachel DD
Rachel DD Rachel DD Rachel DD
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