Bella Ink

Queen of Pantyhose Battle
VeVe Lane and Bella Ink
August 2016

pantyhose wrestling

pantyhose wrestling

The "Queen of Pantyhose" VeVe Lane must defend her title against the ferocious upcoming challenger Bella "The Empress." Bella's heard about VeVe's recent title defenses, and she is not impressed! She calls VeVe out, and the two trade heated words in a face-to-face stand off as Bella promises to make VeVe beg for mercy...

The ladies enter the arena, still seething and trash talking, and once the bell rings, they leap into battle for the much-coveted title! It's a mean and grueling bout filled with prolonged holds that display the combattant's nylon-clad legs and crotches, with special emphasis on leg-spreading. The Queen is tough and skilled, but Bella is an incredibly fierce fighter, and whenever Bella gains the advantage, she assails Queen VeVe with relentless crotch attacks, including punches, kicks, and grabs. In fact, Bella provides such a prolonged crotch-attack fury, that she nearly stuns the Queen into utter uselessness. VeVe holds on as best she can, refusing to give up and admirably surviving the abuse, until she can muster her will to turn the tables, take the Empress by surprise, and lock her up for the victorious finish.

But all that effort took its toll on Queen VeVe, and Empress Bella is a very sore loser. With the victorious Queen exhausted, Bella takes matters into her own hands and slams the Queen into the wall to deliver her even more crotch attacks! At last, the victorious (?) Queen slides to the floor, legs spread and exhausted, as Bella claims her own personal victory.

Total running time: 19 minutes

Fantasy pro-style wrestling. Camera emphasizes full body shots of poses showing legs spread (primarily VeVe in these positions). Full body angles as much as possible. Attire: VeVe wears only latex bra and red seamless tights. Bella wears bra, sheer black pantyhose, bikini bottom.
**NOTE: Bella's tights get a run/tear in the inner thigh.

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catball fight catball fight catball fight
catball fight catball fight catball fight
catball fight catball fight catball fight

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