Gia the Giant
Gia the Giant

Who's Queen Bee of the Gym?
VeVe Lane and Gia the Giant
April 2022

veve and gia

veve and gia

Gia is tired of arrogant little Miss VeVe being the "queen bee" of their training gym. After all, why should someone so tiny act like she's the boss of everything? And Miss "Queen Bee" is just plain mean too! Gia decides to take matters into her own hands (literally) and take Miss Meanie down a notch...

A pro-style-esque wrestle scenario featuring VeVe and Gia the Giant in their black leotards and tights. Gia catches VeVe by surprise and proceeds to dominate her with attacks on VeVe's legs, feet, and back (such as toe grabs, back bending, and more) plus pins, grapevines, and body scissors from multiple angles. Gia is quite pleased to use her size to her advantage... that pipsqueak VeVe better learn to show some more respect to someone of Gia's imposing size!

But VeVe is ruthless and cunning -- and, after suffering through Gia's holds, VeVe pulls herself together and turns the tables, courtesy of some dirty fighting! With a devastating crotch claw attack, followed up by the ol' Foot-on-Crotch maneuver, VeVe seizes control. She goes on to dominate Gia with the Camel Clutch, Lotus Lock, step-over Toe-hold, mounted triangle, foot-in-face armbar, Matchbook Pin, Bow and Arrow, Roll-Up Leg-Spreader, and headscissors.

And to make sure Gia regrets her insolence, VeVe ties the toes of Gia's tights together. Then, after victory posing over her would-be rival, VeVe leaves Gia to crawl around the mats with her pantyhose toes tied. Oh my, how embarrassing. It was a noble try, Gia, but if you can't completely beat this "queen bee," she is definitely going to come back and sting you!

Pro-style-esque fantasy wrestling scenario. Gia dominates for the first half. VeVe dominates for the second half. Both ladies wear black thong leotards and tight. 1080 Full HD

*** Note *** : Gia's tights have a long run (ladder / tear) in one leg.

Video Duration: 17 minutes

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veve and gia veve and gia veve and gia
veve and gia veve and gia veve and gia
veve and gia veve and gia veve and gia

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