Andrea Rosu

Python Battle
VeVe Lane and Andrea Rosu
April 2016

female wrestling

female wrestling

VeVe Lane and Andrea Rosu clash on the mats in this sensually primal battle between two rival female predators. VeVe had been patiently biding her time for a chance to challenge Andrea, and as she spots her rival stretching casually in the training room, she finally makes her move...

Certain that she can easily crush the petite challenger, Andrea coolly accepts, and the two sensuous Python ladies spring into action. Andrea moves quickest on the attack, bearing VeVe down, controlling her from behind, and wrapping her up in the Python Embrace. With her nylon-clad legs wrapped around the gasping and struggling VeVe, Andrea seductively taunts and squeezes her opponent. Desperate, little VeVe eventually breaks free, but only to be brought down yet again, squeezed into immobility, and administered a Python Bite.

Confident that her victory is in sight, Andrea casually removes her pantyhose and moves in for the finish. She stalks the weakened VeVe, pounces, wraps her up again, and torments her with hand-over-mouth smothering. However, VeVe escapes again... and immediately turns the tables! Shocked and astounded, Andrea suddenly finds herself locked in the Python Embrace, VeVe's legs firmly wrapped around her, VeVe's hand now over her mouth! VeVe smoothly taunts and gloats as she tortures Andrea with repeated and prolonged hand smothering. Andrea gasps and weakens, with no hope of escape, as VeVe continues to torment her, on and on, until her hapless rival is still at last.

Total running time: 20 minutes

Smooth and athletic fantasy wrestling. Attire: Both ladies in bras and g-string thongs. Andrea also in sheer black pantyhose for first 7 minutes, then bare legs.
1280 x 720, 3.5 mbps.

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female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

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