VeVe Lane vs Authentic M
Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling
February 2024

VeVe vs Authentic M

VeVe vs Authentic M

VeVe Lane jumps into her shiny tights and thong leotard -- and into the spotlight -- for a pro-style mixed wrestling match against a newcomer light-weight male challenger: Authentic M. And in this match, whoever submits loses!

In Round 1, the competitors face off on equal footing, trading holds back-and-forth as they attempt to bend and stretch each other into submission.

VeVe uses the following on Authentic M: Atomic Drop, Boston Crab, Dragon S, Calf Crusher, Fireman's Carry, and Porch Swing. Authentic M uses these on VeVe: Sharpshooter, Figure-4 leglock, RNC, and Camel Clutch. But VeVe's lifting and torquing holds take their toll on M, and although the first round ends without any submissions, M is left dazed and exhausted...

In Round 2 and 3, VeVe gladly takes full advantage of M's weakened condition. And she dominates both of these rounds with wicked glee. She punishes M with all of these:

The standing body slam (x2), the Banana Split, Bow and Arrow, Octopus Hold (ground version), Camel Clutch, Knee Bar, seated Surf Board, Lotus Lock, Ceiling Hold, the Canadian Back-Breaker lift, Spladle, Over-the-Knee Back-Breaker, Pretzel Hold, Porch Swing, Reverse Romero, and Sharpshooter. Whew!

VeVe gradually wears Authentic M down, sapping his energy even further with each punishing hold. She pushes him more and more, until, at last completely dazed and devastated, he can't take it any more and must submit. VeVe the Champ then gladly celebrates her successful title defense with a self-satisfied victory pose!

Pro-Style Wrestling. Many holds, mostly by VeVe. Plus, trash talk and taunting, body hits and softening blows, throws and drops. Moody lighting with spotlight for extra shine on VeVe's tights and thong leotard (she also wears boots). 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 24 minutes

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