Pro-Style: Queen Ursa Smashes Wonder VeVe
Size Domination Pro-Style Wrestling
November 2020

pro-style wrestling

ursa fierce

The wicked and curvaceous Queen Ursa the Mighty lays the smack down on virtuous heroine Wonder VeVe in this size domination pro-style wrestling bout! It's a "royalty battle" as the Queen and the Princess (of Amazon Island) face off on the mats, but Her Voluptuous Majesty Ursa is just way too much for the slender warrior-princess VeVe to handle...

In all 3 rounds, arrogant heel Queen Ursa totally devastates Wonder VeVe. The Queen uses standing bearhugs, standing wall presses, full body presses, belly smothers, Rikishi-style against-the-wall ass smothers, Camel Clutches, the leg-hook pin, belly slams, Matchbook pins, facesits, belly-sits, softening blows, and other squashing punishment!

The Queen is mean and completely in control; no matter how much Wonder VeVe struggles and fights, she just cannot escape Queen Ursa's crushing holds. Afterall, Queen Ursa outweighs Wonder VeVe by more than double! Ursa trash talks haughtily, thoroughly enjoying humiliating her light-weight opponent. And at last, after suffering so much under the Big Beautiful Queen, Wonder VeVe is forced to surrender. And the Might Queen Ursa gladly celebrates with a facesitting victory pose.

Pro-Style wrestling. Classic Heel and jobber dynamic. BBW size domination wrestling. Queen Ursa wears a bra and thong panties. Ursa: 5'5" and 260 lbs. VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs.

Total running time: 22 minutes

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bbw domination bbw domination bbw domination
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