Sarah Brooke

Leglock Flexibility Torture Pro-Style!
VeVe Lane Dominates Sarah Brooke
August 2018

female pro-style wrestling

female pro-style wrestling

Torturous leglocks, incredible flexibility, thong leotards, bare legs and feet, and smothers. VeVe Lane and Sarah Brooke are back for more pro-style wrestling domination action!

In this encounter, the menacing and highly skilled heel VeVe puts poor defenseless Sarah Brooke through the wringer with leg bending, back-arching torments. VeVe twists and bends Sarah Brooke's legs with a variety of extra-stretchy holds, including the Pretzel Hold, Figure-4 Leglock, a face-to-face leg tangle lock, the Banana Split, the Trailer Hitch, a hanging calf crusher, and various other back-arching holds that make Sarah's foot touch her head or back, like a scorpion's tail. Sarah's flexibility is amazing, so VeVe pushes it as far as it will go!

VeVe also punctuates her bendy-hold tortures with hand smothers and facesitting smothers, plus plenty of taunting and verbal bullying. At last, when Sarah can't take it any longer, VeVe trash talks her even more and then enjoys a victory pose.

Total running time: 16 minutes

Pro-Style Wrestling. Emphasis on leg-bending and back-arching.

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sarah brooke sarah brooke sarah brooke
sarah brooke sarah brooke sarah brooke
sarah brooke sarah brooke sarah brooke

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