Scorpion Dominates VeVe
Dirty Tactics! Pro-Style Beatdown
October 2015

Dirty Tactics

Dirty Tactics

Trapped by a nasty contract, innocent little VeVe is stuck in a corrupt pro-wrestling company that makes her fight women who blatantly cheat and abuse her. Though VeVe's last match was brutal, she pulls herself together to face Miss Scorpion as her next opponent. And Scorpion's got plenty of dirty tricks in store...

This mean pro-style beatdown features Scorpion totally dominating VeVe and putting her through the wringer. Scorpion uses a ton of dirty tactics, including hairpulling, head slamming, belly punching, knee strikes, and toe biting. In fact, early in the match, she even shoots VeVe with a blinding spray! Scorpion also punishes VeVe with a Back Breaker, prolonged Double Arm Breaker, Atomic Drops, and a special Lotus Lock. She also traps VeVe in a ladder and attacks her with belly punches, low blows, and crotch grabs!

Once VeVe falls to the mats in defeat, groaning and whimpering, Scorpion ties her up and tortures her into signing a new contract... for more matches!

Total running time: 20 minutes

Fantasy Pro Wrestling Beatdown. Both ladies wear tan pantyhose, bras, and thong panties.

HD 1280 x 720, 3.5 mbps.

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Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics
Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics
Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics

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