Aralia "Sweet Menace" vs Katarina "The Rookie"
Pro-Style Female Wrestling
April 2019

pro-style: Aralia vs Katarina

aralia vs katarina

A zany pro-style wrestling bout featuring two fun-loving ladies. Newcomer Katarina is such a rookie that she has yet to earn her wrestling tights. But this trash-talking dominatrix-turned-wrestler needs to work her way up to score some fight-worthy pantyhose to be proud of!

And so, Katarina steps up for very first official Pro-Style wrestling bout, facing off against the snazzily-dress "Sweet Menace" Aralia. Aralia's done her time on the mats, and she's got the shiny attire to prove it: a shiny thong leotard and flawless sheer black tights to elegantly flaunt at the rookie. But bare-legged Katarina is not intimidated... and she jumps right in to start her journey in the Pro-Style arena!

The ladies face off and trash talk before getting down to fight-business. Aralia comes in cocky and confident, completely underestimating the bare-legged rookie. But Katarina shocks her by tossing Aralia down and punishing her with the Camel Clutch, headscissors, leg-spreading roll-up pin, Dragon Sleeper, grapevine pin, Boston Crab, Atomic Drop, Venus Flytrap, and other holds. But once Aralia gets her bearings, Katarina is in trouble. Aralia fights her way back on top and torments Katarina with the grapevine pin, Surf Board, multiple Camel Clutches (4... she really likes this hold), Lotus Lock, leg-spreading roll-up in, Boston Crab, and other holds.

Eventually, Aralia's famous Camel Clutch proves too much for the rookie, and Katarina must grudgingly submit. Katarina's down but not out, and she trash talks even in defeat. But Aralia is unperturbed, confidently taunting and victory posing on the mouthy rookie. It's the School of Hard Knocks, but this raw newcomer has got some feistiness -- she'll be back!

Pro-style Fantasy wrestling. Katarina's first time officially doing pro-style. Trash talking throughout by both ladies. Aralia: 5'4" and 115 lbs (tights & thong leotard). Katarina: 5'6" and 170 lbs (bare legs, full-bottom leotard).

Total running time: 22 minutes

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