Pro Hold Punishment: Diablo Dominates VeVe
Boston Crab and Camel Clutch
June 2018

diablo and veve

Presenting the first 2 entries in our new Pro-Hold Punishment series. Putting the emphasis on specific Pro-Style holds. In this video, sadistic heel Diablo dominates jobber VeVe in two different scenes, with each scene emphasizing a particular hold.

Scene 1: Boston Crab (6 minutes). Diablo stuns VeVe, controls her on the mats, and then proceeds to totally dominate her with several prolonged Boston Crab holds. He tortures her with 6 different Boston Crabs, facing in different directions, bending her double and arching her feet toward her head. Diablo cranks the holds as VeVe loudly cries out in pain and must finally submit.

Scene 2: Camel Clutch (6 minutes). Diablo drops VeVe to the mats and proceeds to put her through the Camel Clutch wringer. He stretches her with 4 separate, prolonged, cranking Camel Clutches (each lasting about a minute). Between holds, Diablo manhandles VeVe to keep her under control before pulling her into the next Clutch. VeVe thrashes, moans, and cries out loudly in the holds as Diablo enjoys her torment.

Total running time: 12 minutes

Stationary Camera (tripod). Each scene occurs as if it is taking place within the context of a pro-style match. Domination in exaggerated pro-style manner. Diablo victory poses at the end of each scene. Each scene is also released individually. Filmed with New Camera (June 2018).

Selected Screen Stills:
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veve and diablo veve and diablo veve and diablo
veve and diablo veve and diablo veve and diablo
veve and diablo veve and diablo veve and diablo

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Scene 1: Boston Crab

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