Primal Play Mixed Wrestling
Ursa Fierce and Pickles
December 2019

mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

A primal mixed wrestling power struggle. Simultaneously fierce and sensual, heavy-weight wrestlers Ursa and Pickles channel their animalistic instincts as they grapple for dominance in this Primal Battle!

Sensuous predator Ursa is in hot pursuit of her male prey, seeking to wrestle him down and take control. But Pickles is no timid victim; he's just as fierce and resilient as his female counterpart. And so, the two engage in a strenuous and flirtatious battle of the sexes.

Close contact, body pressure, fierce struggles punctuated by intimate moments of torment when someone gets the upper hand. Constant eye contact, face-to-face, body-to-body. Gasps, groans, and natural growls. Occasional bites. Vying for physical and emotional control. Turn-overs, reversals in position, mounted pins, control from behind. Despite the initially back-and-forth struggle, Ursa's naturally dominant demeanor cannot be denied: she stays confident if she's ever on the bottom, and when she's on top, she smiles with seductive menace and truly savors her position of power.

As they go, Ursa wears Pickles down with hand smothers, neck attacks, and confident intimidation. As her prey's strength fails, Ursa goes for even more hand-over-mouth (from behind). At last, exhausted, Pickles must finally admit surrender...

Total running time: 21 minutes

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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