Primal Battle: Sahrye and VeVe
Woman to Woman series
May 2021

veve and sahrye

veve lane

VeVe Lane and Enchantress Sahrye clash in this hot and sweaty wrestle-battle that combines elements from our Python Battles, catball fights, and Woman to Woman series. Ferocity, sensuality, gasping, growling, close body contact, eye contact, bared teeth, and increasing excitement. A primal battle.

Two fierce and proud female rivals meet for a long-anticipated match, each eager to prove, unquestionably, that she is the strongest woman. They stare each other down and size each other up, exchanging taunts before removing their formal attire and stripping down to their thong bikinis. They watch each other closely, each trying to intimidate the other. And with tension high, they lock up to fight!

They fall to the ground, chest to chest, each fighting to climb her way on top, and together rolling (slowly) and reversing each other. They continue to taunt each other, sensual yet intimidating, mouths close, testing each other for the long struggle to come. After initial impressions are made, they stand up for several minutes of fingerlocks and bearhugs, bodies staying close, focus staying eye-to-eye, with gasps increasing, excitement levels climbing...

They fall to the ground again, legs now intertwined in catball style, bodies glistening with sweat, intensity continuing to build. Grinding, writhing, squeezing with legs and arms, grabbing at hair and throats, faces oh so close together, moaning and gasping, and continuing to taunt each other in menacingly sensual fashion. Until, at last, their excitement reaches an unstoppable peak, the woman on top claiming dominance with a climactic bite attack.... ...and with victory sealed, both combatants collapse in a sweaty pile, a score settled -- for today, that is.

Spoiler for winner (highlight to see text):
..... Sahrye is the top lady in the end .....


Sensual fantasy wrestling. Most action is on the ground. Formal dresses and heels to start, immediately strip to thong bikinis and bare feet for battle. Views from all angles. 1080 Full HD.

Video Duration: 32 minutes

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veve and sahrye veve and sahrye veve and sahrye
veve and sahrye veve and sahrye veve and sahrye
veve and sahrye veve and sahrye veve and sahrye

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