veve lane

Pantyhose Bondage Squash Match
VeVe Lane vs ShaSha
March 2016

Pantyhose Bondage

Pantyhose Bondage

A bondage wrestling bout using pantyhose as the ropes! AND, not only that, but our competitors must also try to wrestle the nylons ONTO their opponent in any way possible! The end goal is to render your opponent totally helpless and immobilized using every single pair of pantyhose on her in some way. Pantyhose bondage, literally!

VeVe has been saving up a large a diverse collection of old nylons just for this occasion, and ShaSha, ever the adventurous little cutie, jumps at the opportunity to give this challenge a try. However, despite ShaSha's adorable enthusiasm, VeVe is worlds ahead of her when it comes to skill and experience with bondage wrestling. Poor ShaSha... she's merrily heading into a bondage squash match!

When the ladies collide, nylons in hand, VeVe easily out maneuvers ShaSha as they both work to pantyhose each other. ShaSha tries as best she can, but VeVe gradually covers her and binds her with pairs of nylons, encasing her legs and arms, binding her into a little ball, cleave gagging her with tights, and eventually encasing her head in pair of hose. Totally out of her league, ShaSha squeals, struggles, and tests her stretchy pantyhose bonds. But she ultimately winds up quite stuck, with a victorious VeVe posing over her!

Total running time: 22 minutes

Final Tie: ball tie. Includes 1 min final solo struggle, includes opening and candid closing comments.

Available in two resolution sizes: 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080.

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bondage bondage bondage
bondage bondage bondage
bondage bondage bondage

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