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Kim Chi

Lana Luxor vs Kim Chi
Competitive Female Wrestling
Tournament Match #2 -- List of all November Event Matches
November 2017

female wrestling

female wrestling

Lana and Kim have been raring to fight each other for months. What with the Twitter smack talk, studying each other's moves, and training their defenses, they just HAD to meet in the tournament bracket.

Kim has the experience edge over Lana, but Lana's got more size and she's recently stepped up her training. Kim's a whirlwind of energy, while Lana's great at staying calm under an onslaught and choosing her moments to put on the power. The one thing they have in common is that both REALLY don't want to submit!

In a vigorous back-and-forth match filled with many attacks, tight squeezing, straining, panting and groaning, the ladies show a ton of grit and endurance squeaking out of tough holds, finally leading to very narrow hard-earned win for the victor! Victory Round includes: headscissors, bodyscissors, sleeperhold, victory posing.

Lana: 5'7" and 145 lbs.
Kim: 5'4" and 125 lbs.

Total running time: 22 minutes

Tournament Match #2. From November 2017 Live Filming Event. Competitive submission wrestling. Most submissions wins. Two 8-minute rounds (16 min match) w/ 2-min Victory Round, plus brief remarks from wrestlers. Live audience present but not shown on camera.

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female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

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