Mysteria vs Venom
Competitive Female Wrestling
June 2017

mysteria vs venom

European powerlifter / bodybuilder Madam Mysteria takes on British BJJ brown belt Venom in this competitive submission wrestling bout. This was the first match of our June 4 competitive female wrestling day.

Both ladies have nearly identical stats: Mysteria: 5'5" and 158 lbs. Venom: 5'5" and 154 lbs. Mysteria has strength, power, and a good wrestling instinct. Venom has composure, a high pain tolerance, and years of formal BJJ training. Throughout the match, the ladies trap each other with and attempt to work free from tenacious and prolonged holds, including: headlock, back grab, closed guard, leg entanglement trap.

Match is 20 minutes of fight time. Include opening and closing comments, stare down, and victory pose. 1280x720. 4 mbps.

Total running time: 25 minutes

** Also available in a full 3-Match set w/ "VeVe vs Venom (Rematch)" & "VeVe vs Mysteria" (see below)

Individual Match
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3-Match Set
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1. Mysteria vs Venom
2. VeVe vs Mysteria
3. VeVe vs Venom: Rematch 2017
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