Mistress Kara

Agent Kara and Agent VeVe
Female Supremacy Syndicate Team-Up
May 2014

Lethal Leotards

Lethal Leotards

Syndicate agents Kara and VeVe in cahoots! When Agent VeVe pays a visit to Agent Kara's homebase, Kara welcomes her guest with treat: a new male victim for them to enjoy.

Kara leads VeVe into a hotel room which she has specially prepared for their play date, and where she's kept her male captive (Jason). The ladies proceed to seductively torture their victim with their smooth, sleek pantyhose-clad legs. Before he knows what is happening, they've wrapped their legs around his head and body, scissoring him, squeezing him, teasing him, and reminding him of his utter helplessness.

The agents work well together, trapping their victim with a variety of double holds and transitioning seamlessly to keep him completely dominated by their legs. They force their feet into his face, lock him up painfully, and force him to thank them for such sadistic treatment. As they callously torture his body, their entrancing voices invade his mind and bring him further under their power. Once the agents have satisfactorily broken their victim, they wrap their legs around him for their pleasurable finale...

Total running time: 17 minutes
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Kara's pantyhose are reinforced toe, VeVe's are sheer toe. Both pantyhose are control top. Both in thong leotards.

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Lethal Leotards Lethal Leotards Lethal Leotards
Lethal Leotards Lethal Leotards Lethal Leotards
Lethal Leotards Lethal Leotards Lethal Leotards

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