VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane

Candy Pain, Female Session Wrestler

A Lesson He Won't Forget
VeVe, Amazon Annie, Candy Pain, Thrash
April 2014

VeVe Lane

VeVe Lane

VeVe, Candy, and Amazon Annie discover that Thrash has hidden a video camera in the women's locker room at their karate school, and that he's been recording everything. That little pervert! So, the ladies decide to teach him a lesson for being such a sleazeball...

As Thrash is stretching out in the studio, the ladies surround him, wearing their sexy black pantyhose and leotards, and they proceed to tease him, crossing and stretching their legs, pointing their feet, flirting with him, and mesmerizing him. Thoroughly distracted, Thrash doesn't notice as VeVe sneaks up behind him... and kicks him in the crotch! The ladies all laugh, and their sadistic fun begins!

They take turns punishing him with kicks to the body, head, and crotch, as they scold him and laugh at him. Each lady knocks Thrash down for the count and then takes her time victory posing with a foot on the face or groin. The ladies also double team him: one distracts him with her legs or hips as the other kicks him from behind. All with verbal humiliation, teasing, kicks, and victory poses galore.

The ladies sadistically encourage each other, pushing him around their circle and making him run into crotch kicks. It's a marathon of humiliation delivered by these mean, pantyhose-clad lovelies.

After a final kick to the groin, the ladies hit a triple victory pose, taunting Thrash even more and telling him how pathetic he is. Certainly a lesson he won't forget!

Total running time: 31 minutes
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

Kicks are light-contact or fantasy style. Prolonged victory poses when Thrash falls, including foot on groin or on face. Single, double, and triple vic poses. Camera shows full bodies the entire time. All ladies's pantyhose has black back seam and Cuban heel.

Selected Screen Stills:
Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Domination
Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Domination
Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Domination

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