Leggy Agents Duel: VeVe and Vika
Tights Fight Fantasy
August 2018

veve and vika

veve and vika

A fantasy fight in tights! (or hose...?)

Tights Agent VeVe "Legs" Lane infiltrates the hideout of Hose Agent Uma Va-vooma (Vika). The Tights Agents and the Hose Agents have been bitter rivals for years, and Legs Lane has come to call Uma out for a challenge. The rival agents are seething, they hate each other, and, decked out in their respective nylons and high heels, they jump into battle!

The ladies square off for several rounds of hand-to-hand and leg-to-leg combat. They throw punches, kicks, and karate chops as they fight on their feet, and, when the action goes to the ground, they lock each other up in wrestling holds. The contest proves remarkably even, with both agents winning various rounds (and respectively victory posing whenever they win a fall), until wily Uma tries to cheat her way to victory... But Legs Lane holds on and denies defeat! Turning the tables, Legs Lane takes Uma down and punishes her by tearing holes in the Hose agent's pantyhose!

But torn pantyhose is just the beginning of Uma's humiliation. Legs Lane victory poses over her defeated rival, gloating and counting her out. She then sends a message to the Hose Agents out there, showing off poor, dazed Uma in her pathetic, torn pantyhose. Legs Lane makes Uma admit defeat and then worship her legs in their pristine black tights. Legs Lane finishes Uma off with a final leggy wrestling hold before taking one last victory pose and bidding Uma farewell.

Total running time: 31 minutes

Fantasy "campy" action fight style. Both ladies wear shiny black tights and high heels the whole time. VeVe wears shiny red thong leotard. Vika wears yellow bikini bottom and yellow jacket.

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veve and vika veve and vika veve and vika
veve and vika veve and vika veve and vika
veve and vika veve and vika veve and vika

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