Micro-Bikini Fantasy Knife Fight
: VeVe Lane and Lora Cross
July 2022

veve lane and lora cross

veve lane and lora cross

At end of a match one day, Lora confesses to VeVe that wrestling is fine, but really, secretly, she's always had fantasies about fighting another woman with knives. VeVe is intrigued, enough so that she reveals she has some prop knives stashed away -- they can act out Lora's fantasy right now. Excited, the ladies agree it will be "like a real fight, but sexy too."

VeVe returns with the knives, and next the ladies engage is a series of rounds, sometimes starting standing, sometimes kneeling or already locked up on the ground. Always, though, they end up entangled, pressing their bodies as tightly together as possible while recoiling from the threatening blades.

No words are spoken once the fighting starts. The two only pant and gasp as they struggle together, menacing each other's breast and bellies with the points of their weapons.

They take it in turns to win the rounds, the victor plunging in her retractable blade again and again, while the loser arches and writhes with the blows.

Each time, the winner celebrates with her toes on the other's crotch in a victory pose, tucks her knife into the loser's tiny, micro-thong panties, and leaves her there spreadeagled and slowly "expiring"on the mat.

Fierce and sensual fantasy fighting. The ladies wear matching ultra-micro bikinis and sheer, white knee-high stockings.

1080 Full HD. Bit Rate: 7 mbps.

Video Duration: 56 minutes

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knife fight knife fight knife fight
knife fight knife fight knife fight
knife fight knife fight knife fight

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